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May 2012

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Dominick knows he's hot

OMG, look a post!

I have a legit. reason why I have not posted in a while. I've been sick! All month long I've been sick... and yes, that sucked. I finally saw the MD two days ago. I'm on a few more drugs than usual, but I'm feeling better. I has some virus that was going around... not swine flu! lol... And of course, a sinus and ear infection. The only annoying part for me is the coughing. I was coughing nonstop for a while, and couldn't sleep. Currently I can't sleep because the bed is too uncomfortable at my sister's house. And that wouldn't be so bad if I has at least one good pillow to sleep with. I had one good pillow on that bed, that was sort of 'my' pillow. But no, she took it. She has four poofy pillows on her bed, and she can't let me have just one of them. That would be asking far too much. She went into the grocery store today, while Abby and I went into the pet store. We were playing with these adoreable puppied when she came in. We were all happy, and were just like... look how cute they are. We didn't act for then, or anything like that... not that we'd have the money even if we could, and we don't need more. But she's like, I don't want to see them, you can't even take care of the ones you have. Which for one, is rude. Why would you say that in front of people, especially the nice store clerk. Two, is completely and utterly untrue. If we didn't take care of them, why would we have them? And why would she continue to get them for Abby and I??? My Dominick is a VERY happy and spoiled dog, I take very good care of him, he's my baby! Same with Jack and the cats! My hampster, Nigel, gets his cage changed once a week whether he needs it or not. He always has fresh water, food, and treats. Same with my birds. My HUGE goldfish is the only one that goes a little longer without his tank being changed because it's hard ass work, and takes two people to do. But it's not like it's mirky in there, just not purely clear. Hell, I even take care of the outside cats, and mom feeds the birds and various critters around our house. We take care of more than our share. Abby does the same. First thing she does in the morning is come downstairs and take care of the bunnies, and feeds her cat. And then Sandra constantly says she neglects the bunnies, which I know for a fact is completely false. And you know that else? If we made a snarky remark like that to HER? We'd get bitched at, nonstop. I think sometime she forgets she's my sister and not my mother. I already have one, thank you. I think she wants be to treach her differently because she's my elder... but that's just not how it goes. She's my sister. I'm going to treat her like my sister, not a teacher, or othoritive figure. I don't disrespect her, but I'm not going to treat her like my mother either.
I don't really have a disposible income. I did start selling Avon, but my online friends haven't exactly been helpful there like I thought they would be. >.> Rebecca. >.> I mean really, who cares if you like "Mary Kay" more, it's about supporting me and my efforts to finally get some income. If my agoraphobia I can't hold a proper job. I can't go door to door with Avon. And I'm not social, and popular enough to sell online... so I get maybe twenty to thirty bucks, at that. And then today, my sister takes us out to eat, and makes me pay for my own. I had 16 dollars in the bank, and she had over 200 in cash... and I have to pay for my own? I owe Mom ten bucks.
And I love how they talk about us ( Abby and I) behind our backs, and make plans for us. Sandra is saying we'll have lists, and if we don't do then then Mom won't buy stuff for me, and Sandra won't by stuff for Abby. Which is fucking rediculous. I can understand Abby needing chores and stuff... and just what you do as a teenager. But I'm fucking 21 if you want me to do something, just fucking ask, don't threaten me. Mom doesn't buy me shit anyway! Mom will say, I shouldn't have to ask, you should just do it. What the fuck, you want me to read your fucking mind!? I don't know what you want me to do! I don't clean disorder. I don't mind a little clutter. And then, when you DO do stuff around the house, they don't notice. Sandra gave me $20 to get ear buds... and then she says she exspects me to do house work around her house for it. Bullshit. You've stolen, and put me in debt more than you can ever loan me back. That's not cool.
And of course, I can't tell her that because she'll say I'm dragging up the past. Well, I can't get a sears card because of the past. I have a bad credit score because of the past. And if I ever got a credit card, my interest would be discusting because of the past. Just... bullshit.

That's all for now.